Joticle Mobile Learning Platforms

Joticle is a company focused on developing educational mobile applications using its core architecture and philosophies. We also have created a form of gamification that we call a knowledge hunt that helps not only train users in the use of our platform, but allows people to grow around a educational gaming community.

We Are Joticle
Please review the videos below to learn more about our philosophy and get a glimpse of who we are.

The 6 E's of Joticle

What does Joticle mean?

Joticle is a combination of the word jot, as in to jot something down, and article. The original concept of Joticle came from the process of researching how to learning a new programming language.

Having tirelessly visited hundreds of sites trying to find quality information, an idea was born to simplify the process of learning a topic and getting beyond the clutter of the internet.

Joticle is a focused approach to consolidating the search engine learning nightmare and save people time trying to get info on a topic. From Astrophysics to Zoology we are going to cover it all.
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